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What is the purpose of this web site? has been developed and maintained for the purpose of providing information to its visitors. (For more information, see About Us. page on this site.) does not sell or market any products or services. It is not a for-profit web site. The web site is hosted under the auspices of SecondWave, Inc. (, a company involved primarily in Forensic Technology Consulting. was developed, managed, maintained and authored by principals at for the purposes of providing non-company-specific information to the public. The information provided is not for the intended for the purposes of marketing the services of SecondWave, Inc. or any of it’s principals, employees, clients, or partners. While SecondWave, Inc. is a for-profit venture, no information provided by visitors of the web site will be used or shared for that purpose.

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This web site was designed strictly for informational, and recreational entertainment purposes. Although the site is voluntarily written and maintained by professionals in forensic, technical and legal fields, the content herein should never be construed as forensic, technical, or legal advise. Furthermore, the use of this site never constitutes an explicit or implicit agreement to provide consultation to you, or on your behalf. Furthermore, no information herein, or any discussion discussions related to this web site should be considered legal or forensic advice.

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The information herein is provided freely with the express purpose of further dissemination, and informational and education distribution to, and by, the public. Please feel free to quote in-part, or copy in-whole, any page or pages for educational purposes, with citation to the source(s).

The only limitations imposed are that the item(s) be cited to their source(s), and–if used in a derivative fashion–any derivatives be provided within similar license.

Redistribution for profit is allowed only in-part, with citation to the source(s). Any other for-profit redistribution requires written permission by the author(s).

Creative Commons LicenseThe work herein is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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Use of the materials herein in legal proceedings or arbitration is granted in-whole, but not in-part. Specifically, all material should admitted into evidence in it’s entirety. Consent is only granted for materials admitted into evidence in it’s entirety.

NOTICE: Subpoenas may be served to the address below. All non-pre-negotiated subpoena receipts, subpoena responses, declarations, affidavits, and/or testimony will be billed at the equivalent to SecondWave, Inc.’s highest rate for testimony, at the time we are served or on the date(s) response or testimony is required, without regard for the serving party or entity.

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