Social Networking Bill of Rights

BackgroundCheck.org has developed an interesting infographic seaks to address your rights as a social network user. (Click below for a larger view.)

Via: http://www.backgroundcheck.org/social-networking-bill-of-rights/


Wi-Fi security — gone in 60 seconds, AGAIN.

Wi-Fi_ZoneYou're not one of those people who leave their wi-fi network open to anyone who passes by, are you? You realize, of course, that--beside the obvious security risks to your computers, your network, your passwords, email, accounting files, your bank account, private identity, maybe even sensitive medical information--that anything someone else does on your network will be traced back to you--the resident and ISP subscriber? Say, for example, the kid next door decides to use your "lightning fast DSL" to download, or worse--share--his music collection via Bit Torrent. The RIAA subpoena will be addressed to you. Or, suppose someone driving by decides to stop and explore his sexual curiosities where they can't be traced back to his network. The search warrant will be addressed to you.

But, that's not your problem, right? Because your wi-fi network is encrypted, right? I remember, back in the day, I used to brag that it would be easier to poach my cable connection from the street than hack my wi-fi, because I was using WEP encryption (cracked in 2001), a MAC filter (easily spoofed), AND I cloaked my SSID (worthless). Since then, came WPA, and more recently WPA2.

Linksys settings for WPA2 wireless secruity.

Linksys settings for WPA2 wireless secruity.

If I lost you at "lighting fast DSL", then the following probably is your problem: Computer scientists in Japan have developed a way to break the WPA encryption system used in wireless routers in just one minute. For those keeping up, presumably you upgraded your router firmware some time back, or purchased and configured a new router to utilize WPA2--which is, so far, considered to be secure. ... CONTINUE READING »


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