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Enough about us. Let's talk about you.

This page is dedicated to displaying a sample of the kinds of information that can be discovered about you, and your computer, just by visiting a web site. As things change (hopefully for the better) we we'll update the kinds of information that can be "exploited" from your browser and demonstrate them here. None of the examples below require any hacking or installation of malicious software on your computer. The process relies strictly on the information that your browser automatically offers to all web sites to be quietly recorded in server log files, but not typically seen by users.

Your neighborhood.

This map is plotted from coordinates extrapolated by your IP Address. All computers and computer networks must have an assigned IP address in order to use the Internet. The IP address your computer is using is provided to you either by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), or directly from a pool allocated by your company. Your external IP address (the address seen by the Internet) is registered to an organization which has a known physical place of business. Further accuracy is achieved by querying databases that have been built to store data physically collected about the known locations of specific banks of IP addresses.

Your computer.

This information is culled from data provided to our server by your computer.

Your past.

These are some of the web sites your computer has visited. Please be patient. This web site is running through a list of web sites looking for matches from your browser's history. The list will continue to grow, the longer you stay on this page. WARNING: This might be a good time to make sure no one is looking over your shoulder.

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