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Your gadgets are spying on you!

HazDat.com gives you the opportunity to discover and understand the data you leave behind--just by being a citizen of the 21st. Century.

  • Did you know that your cellular telephone is a personal tracking device?
  • Did you know that your digital video recorder (DVR) remembers what you watched on TV last night?
  • Did you known that, upon impact, your car can tell investigators more about the accident than most witnesses?
  • Who owns your data?

HazDat.com aims to give you the information you need to be an informed citizen, and bring you the latest news as your personal technology evolves.

About the Author...

Jeff M. Fischbach

Jeff M. Fischbach

Jeff Michael Fischbach is founder and President of SecondWave Information Systems (SecondWave.com), a technology consulting firm specializing in Forensic Technology. Since 1994, he has served as a board member and technology adviser to numerous professional organizations and corporations. Mr. Fischbach has been engaged as a litigation consultant and Forensic Examiner, offering expert advice and oversight on matters involving intellectual property, computers, information systems, satellite, electronic tracking and wireless communications technologies. He has advised law enforcement, foreign government representatives, judges, lawyers and the press. In addition to his work at SecondWave, Mr. Fischbach currently serves on several professional boards in advisory positions. hdturkpornolari.com


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Jeff M. Fischbach

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